“Tubong-lugaw ” is a Filipino entrepreneurship term for “small capital, large return” investments. “Tubo” means profit, “lugaw” means porridge or goto. The word is derived from a very popular street food business “lugawan” which cater people who are looking for cheaper food that’s fit their limited budget. Regular serving of a bowl  range  from P5.00 to P10.00 but if you like it special as with viand  it   may cause about  P15.00 to P25.00  . According to the vendors, profit is really good in this business. Because from their  initial capital that is less than a thousand pesos the return can be tripled or more ,depending in your market area.  And it also important to have a regular supplier of your resourses so you can ask a discount. Resources fortunately  for this venture are available locally which made this business easy to acquire.

Some of the “tubong-lugaw” businessess are camote(sweet potato) fries , boiled banana, sweet corn, fried peanuts and many others. And all of this  are locally available on streets all over the Philippines.                                                     

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